Year Location Topic Lund Speaker/Topic Meeting Program
2018 Charleston, SC Eczema and the Therapeutic Revolution in Dermatology Kim Yancey, MD / Blistering Diseases: Then and Now
2017 Augusta, GA Sticky Situations and Mucosal Dermatology Robert Brodell, MD / Instructive Cases from the Deep, Deep, Deep South
2016 Richmond, VA Psoriasis and Inflammatory Disorders Nehal Mehta, MD / Psoriasis-Cardiac Comorbidities
2015 Winston-Salem, NC Procedural Dermatology and Updates in Clinical Dermatology Brett Coldiron, MD / The Future of Dermatology
2014 Charlottesville, VA Infections and Cutaneous Oncology Jeremy Bordeaux: Update on Cutaneous Oncology
2013 Birmingham, Al Therapeutic & Diagnostic Dilemmas:
Pearls and Pitfalls in Dermatology
Elston/Cutaneous Signs of Systemic Disease
2012 Chapel Hill, NC Immunological Diseases, Therapeutic Dilemmas,
& What’s New in 2012
Stanley/Lessons from Pemphigus Research on How to be a Physician Scientist
2011 Atlanta, GA Precision Medicine in Dermatology, Pediatric Dermatology, & What’s New in 2011 Yan/Novel Skin Signs of Pediatric Systemic Disease
2010 Durham, NC Hair Disorders, Melanoma & Update on Therapeutics Cotsarelis/Hair Follicle Stem Cells & Alopecia
2009 Charleston, SC Dermatologic Surgery & Oncology and Cosmetic Dermatology Update Weinstock/Skin Cancer vs. Vitamin D: What now for public health? & Actinic Keratoses: An Epidemiologist’s Perspective
2008 Augusta, GA Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease, with an Emphasis on Renal Heffernan/Biologic medications for systemic disease
2007 Richmond, VA Update in Dermatopathology/ Medical Dermatology/ Ethnic Skin Disorders Farmer/The Concept of Dysplastic Nevus
2006 Winston Salem, NC Updates in Medical/ Pediatric Dermatology Disease Pandya/Skin Signs Systemic and Infectious Disease
2005 Charlottesville, VA Nuts, Bolts and Pearls/Surgery Stasko/Treatment of Skin Cancer In Organ Transplant Recipients
2004 Birmingham, AL Emerging Therapies in Dermatology/Psoriasis Bolognia/Update on Therapy of Melanoma
2003 Chapel Hill, NC Genetic and Pediatric Skin Disease Epstein/True rodent ulcers: Mickey gets a tan
2002 Atlanta, GA Measuring Outcomes in Research, Therapeutics, and Training: Influencing the Future of Dermatology Chren/Quality of Life and the Burden of Disease in Dermatology
2001 Durham, NC Dermatology in the 21st Century and Hair and Nails Disorders Whiting/Update in Cicatricial Alopecia
2000 Charleston, SC Perspectives in Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology and Challenges Johnson/Perspectives in Malignant Melanoma
1999 Augusta, GA Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Diseases; Dermatologic Surgery Oncology Camisa/Oral Manifestations Systemic Disease
1998 Richmond, VA Pediatrics and Infectious Disease; Immunology and Surgery Paller/Connective Tissue Diseases in Children
1997 Winston Salem, NC Dermatology Update Freedberg/Keratin
1996 Charlottesville, VA Diagnosis and Therapeutics in Dermatology Grimes/Vitiligo
1995 Chapel Hill, NC Vesiculobullous Dieases; Difficult to Manage Skin Problems Diaz/Pemphigus
1994 Durham, NC Update in Clinical Dermatology; Hair and Nail Disorders Headington/Scarring Alopecia
1993 Atlanta, GA Vascular Skin Disease Friedman-Kien/HIV
1992 Charleston, SC Cutaneous Neoplasms Zone/Melanoma
1991 Augusta, GA Mucous Membrane Diseases; Inflammatory (Papulosquamous); Disorders of the Skin Buckley/Atopic Dermatitis
1990 Winston Salem, NC Skin Cancer/Surgery; Occupational and Contact Dermatitis Storrs/Contact
1989 Charlottesville, VA Pediatric Dermatoses; Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease Moschella/LE
1988 Chapel Hill, NC Blistering Disease; Connective Tissue Disease Diaz/Pemphigus
1987 Charlotte, NC Infectious Diseases in Dermatology Safai/AIDS
1986 Richmond, VA Acne and Acne-like Disorders Including Hair Disease Bergfeld/Hair
1985 Durham, NC Atopic Dermatitis Papulosquamous Disorders Kreuger/Psoriasis
1984 Augusta, GA STDs and Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Diseas Paller/Connective Tissue Diseases in Children
1983 Charleston, SC Therapeutic Update
1982 Charlottesville, VA Contact Dermatitis and Occupational Dermatitis
1981 Chapel Hill, NC Genetic Diseases and Diseases of the Hair and Nails
1980 Durham, NC Malignant Tumors of the Skin
1979 Washington, DC Connective Tissue Diseases; Bullous Diseases
1978 Atlanta, GA Acne; Photobiology; Infectious Diseases
1992 Chapel Hill, NC General Pharmacology; Eczematous Diseases